As we plan to build more homes and communities, we cannot do so on the basis of more of the same – repeating what has been provided in the past. Over the next 60 years, what we build must be capable of being zero carbon and meeting challenges such as climate change, pressure on resources, increased population, and others. But, as so ably demonstrated at the MAC in Birmingham on November 1st, we have the capabilities, the know-how, advanced technologies and services to enable us to do so. The big question from the MAC event was – why aren’t we delivering more now?

Speakers covered building, food provision, community engagement, the digital input to mobility, water, skills development and other facets of how we live. This, the third staging of the Low Carbon Sustainable Communities event was, for the first time, linked to the RSA.

Staged as a not-for-profit event consisting of a conference and information and networking arena, the event was presented by David Middleton Communications and Climate Change Solutions and sponsored by Walsall Housing Group, Graftons, Reconomy and Co-Op Energy. It was chaired by Beverley Nielsen, a director of Birmingham City University and recent regional mayor candidate. 

Delegate, Susan Jones, business film producer, called the event “outstanding. An inspiring collection of speakers and stories, a lot of information to digest and reflect on.” David Cole of energy experts, SIG, said it was an “excellent, slick, intoxicating event. What an incredible and informative packed journey we had.” Mike Leonard of the Building Alliance said: “I thought the quality and diversity of speakers was excellent and helped to begin a process where we join up the dots and understand what a good circular economy really looks like.”

An afternoon, RSA Sustainability Network led debate considered issues arising from the conference and identified potential strands of action to be developed. A plan will be announced after Christmas.

Presentations can be seen via

Event Chair, Beverley Nielsen, recently produced a Countdown to Brexit Interim report reviewing competitiveness in Construction, Transport and Energy clusters across the West Midlands to feed into the WMCA Productivity & Skills Commission. It can be seen via -


There is also an online survey which fed into the report which is still open for respondents who might wish to take part   - see -






As our population grows, changes, demands more and generates more waste, so our communities will have to be different if they are to be low carbon and sustainable. We explore not what communities of the future might look like but what is happening now to deliver change.

From the provision of homes, mobility and food, to recycling and materials management, to sourcing environmental and sustainable products, to a different way of supplying energy, we hear examples of what is happening now to make places last. 

See "aspirational document" -Nov_1st_aspirational_document._v6.docx

How Can We Help Further After Sucessul 2016 Event?


Tony Burton, CBE, Executive Chairman of Sustainable Homes, Chaired our Low Carbon, Sustainable Communities event at the MAC, Birmingham on November 2nd 2016. He is seen with delegates who stayed for the end of day debate.

A number of key issues were identified from the event. These are to be considered by a new Project Advisory Group scheduled to meet early 2017. See report What_next.pdf 



"What a great and interesting day it was yesterday with a terrific range of speakers on different topics and a splendid opportunity to network with people and share knowledge", Mark Huelin, Technical Sales Director, The Energy Savers Ltd.

 “The variety of topics were exceptional and inspiring and all delivered in a professional and timely manner. If only all events were run so proficiently as this one. For me I now have 2 strong opportunities to pursue. A truly inspirational experience.” David Cole, Account Director, Smart Innovations Grid Ltd.

“The coming together of like minded individuals and organisations that have practically tackled social, economic and environmental challenges head on both corporately and in the community was refreshing and so positive.  The development of a ‘cooperative’ supply chain where sharing knowledge, learning, and experiences both good and bad is in my opinion as important as the conventional way of doing business”.   Steven Davis, Facilities and Environmental Manager whg.

"The show was put together brilliantly and both David Cole and myself really enjoyed the day.The information I took away from there was very useful and relevant to us as a business in terms of understanding the ever changing needs of the housing sector. In addition to this, the networking opportunities that presented themselves throughout the day proved invaluable, as many of the decision makers that we look to target in these sectors were present. I would like to thank you for putting together such a well thought out and detailed event, and I look forward to future events such as this." Susie Leek, New business development, Matt:e Ltd

Staged at the MAC, Birmingham on November 24th, the event was chaired by Andrew Eagles, MD of Sustainable Homes. It featured a programme of short presentations from local housing groups and from businesses with innovative products and services. The day concluded with a presentation from Richard Rugg, MD of Carbon Trust Programmes, and a debate on key issues arising from the day. See event report Post_event_report.pdf,


Austin Macauley
to publish second book 

Three publishers, two in London and one Cambridge, made publishing offers for my second novel, "The Acionna Projects". My first novel, "The Final Shah Mat" was published via Amazon.

A contract has been signed with Austin Macauley to publish the stand-alone sequel to the first which has the same hero and villain characters. Whilst the first concerned itself with the growing gap between politicians and the people, the second is about water, thought by some to be the most important geopolitical issue of our time. Like book one it features many locations around the world.

There were some very generous comments about the first effort, in particular from Richard Baines, Sustainability Director of the Black Country Housing Trust, who wrote: “Just finished this first book from new author David Middleton. What a great read. I loved David's style and can't wait for a second offering. Much more readable than say Ludlum - on par with Fleming. More important, he gets across the environmental imperative to an audience that should know better and to those who have no idea what a crisis we are facing.” 

The Acionna Projects starts in the Louvre in Paris but covers China, North Scotland, Buckingham Palace, The Ferghana Valley in Central Asia, Spain and America.

In Need Of A Speaker?

"A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To Save The Planet" is the title of a presentation I can offer to any groups or clubs. It is a mix of anecdotes with video inserts and aims to amuse and inform. Interested? Contact me on or via 0121 444 2683. Picture below from Redditch Rotary lunchtime presentation. 


Speaking at Redditch Rotary Club

David Middleton at Green Drinks/Café Society by Malcolm Currie
"The idea that eating too many cabbages caused the demise of the dinosaurs may be pretty daft, but David’s use of this cartoon approach to highlighting the present day human predicament was not only entertaining but incredibly thought provoking. Far from resulting in a sombre, overly serious dialogue, David’s approach generates animated discussion and exchange of views which is very positive.

It is quite a challenge to combine solid factual information whilst generating animated conversation with your audience.  David achieves this, not only with his individuaisticl presentational style, but also by personalizing the material.  He ‘slips in’ autobiographical material in an entirely natural and seamless manner. 

Announcing in advance that your speaker is about to describe a personal Epiphany is likely to be somewhat off-putting.  But a description of how a view of industrial devastation from a bridge in Pittsburg was an eye opening experience, becomes, in the context of a life lived to the full, a means of engaging fully with the audience.

We look forward to further challenging sessions with David Middleton".

David Middleton at BODC AGM Annual Dinner by Richard Baines
You provided us with such an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation that many members have commented favourably about. You knocked the previous speaker into a cocked-hat and enthralled Warwick Banks – the Formula 1 racing driver and partner to Sir Jackie Stewart - who was racing Minis in your early photo journalist career and who I know has many mutual friends with you.

As a car club, and one with some of the thirstiest engines, we are torn between our desire to preserve the craft that went into building our cars, on the one hand, and the environment on the other. It is heartening to note that the Bristol Car company is now in platform for one of the world’s foremost hybrid drive trains as supplied to many of the major manufacturers.

I noted several members also took interest in your first book! I hope they have since swelled the sales.

Richard Baines, Director – Bristol Owners and Drivers Association


Climate Change Solutions
11th International Hydrogen Conference

- Reports

DMC was pleased to support the 'Delivering Hydrogen and Fuel Cells to Market' 17/03/15 NEC Birmingham - Conference staged by Climate Change Solutions. Presentations from that event can now be seen via


Novus_logo.pngNovus Science

I have admired the work of Shameem Kazmi for a long time so when he asked me to take on the role of non-executive Chairman of his company, Novus Science, I was pleased to do so. Based at the Innovation Centre in Birmingham, Novus Science is exploring many innovative ideas relating to introducing renewable resources in replacement for those that are not.