My seccond novel is now published by Austin Macauley. Via their web site I now have an “author’s profile page” which provides information and a route to purchase "The Acionna Projects”.

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 The new book provides a sequel to the first and has the same main heroes and villains. Again a Bond-like adventure, the underlying theme and message this time is about water as our most vital resource and how it is under pressure but still widely abused.

The Acionna Projects features many of the characters from book one. The adventure covers North Scotland, China, Spain, America, and the Ferghana Valley in Central Asia. The main story is about water, thought by many to be the most important geopolitical subject of our time and the most vital of resources now under threat.  


My first novel, The Final Shah Mat, incorporates the sustainable development message into a heavily disguised Bond-like thriller story. Whilst seeking to entertain, the book provided me with an opportunity to have a rant about issues that trouble me - like resource depletion, population growth, climate change. etc. The story especially highlights the global challenges of disenfranchised voters, disconnected politicians, and youth with little hope.  Initial responses from readers have been encouraging and include:

"Much more readable than say Ludlum. On par with Fleming"
"Gets across the environmental imperative to an audience that has no idea what a crisis we are facing"
"The way it wove the need for the world to face up to critical issues into a page turning story was excellently done"
"A great read and very difficult to put down until finished" 

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Picture on right is of me signing a copy of The Final Shah Mat for David Cole of SIG Limited